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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

For any Open Office users out there… I found using a set of consistent video tutorials (from this sight) for creating a database on Open Office’s Base application to be a far more effective method of learning about databases in general and how to use them. I’ve gone all the way through to the 9th […]

vs BBC News – TECH Bar Codes have been a simple, successful in the world of digital identification and have become commonly implemented into an incredibly cheap and easy to use systematic experience. They are used for in shipping, warehousing, and most obviously on retail shopping, providing a quick and more efficient flow of getting […]

BBC News – TECH As Cloud Computing is becoming more popular as emerging web services are beginning to provide free use of online storage space.  Greater and greater amounts of data are flowing more frequently and being cumulatively stored within the seemingly infinite shelves of online capacities. However, is infinity online really a matter of […]

Robotic Soldiers

Military Technology has lead engineers to developing remote controlled, armored death machines with guns, scopes and built in cameras of all capabilities to help fight the war on terror.   These robotic soldiers are currently being used by IT specialized soldiers for missions in disabling bombs, though at times do get put into the actual battle […]

Following Issues dealt with in the book preceding the ideals of the disappearing body, can be summed up to being… The Effects of Survalence The Effects of Photography and Digital Information The Effects of Identity Theft The first of these, “The Surveillance Society” , deals with the ideals of a somewhat Big Brother (from the […]

One of the initial points mentioned is that of understanding the effects of the what the book refers to as the disappearing body.  What this refers to is how before the trend of web use, “trust was a matter of direct personal acquaintance.”  However, since society is developing a diminishing need for face to face […]

This book is part of a technologist Web Science Program taking place at MIT and the University of Southampton.  The program’s prime focus is on the study of how web information influences development cycles in the real world of society and technology.  In understanding that “the relationship between society and technology is complex, particularly as […]

Web 2.0 Start Pages

There are several “Start Page” web sights that allow people to start first off by allowing people to set up there own accounts, most times for free.  These accounts then allow people to bring in their favorite RSS video, image and text feeds, as well as use given applications such as search bars that can […]

Tim Berners-Lee is currently the credited inventor of the world wide web, still now being its head director.  One major concern being recognized now is providing access to the 80% of the world’s popultion that currently don’t have it.  The other main concern is dealing with credibility amongst internet sights.  An idea suggested for this […]

Seeing as my dads greatest fear had to do with biotechnology and, mom’s with weapons, I decided to chose an article that dealt with a good compromise, bio-terrorism.  The article starts in with the G8, which is “a powerful economic and political grouping comprising Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, Italy and Canada”, […]

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