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Robotic Experts!

Over the last week, I began to build my own chatbot. I introduce… The Perkinator. He is a powerful robot who loves to talk about technology; in particular he really enjoys a good conversation about Google, Apple, or Microsoft; but he’s open to other topics too. Have fun!!! I found that programming Chatbots is sort […]

This post aims to examine two articles, “Are You Living In A Computer Simulation” by Nick Bostrom as well as “The Coming Technological Singularity: How To Survive In The Human Era”; as well as examining the impacts & issues associated with the technological breakthroughs from man. Full post after the break. It’s rather long… So […]

The UK Government’s Plan to disconnect filesharers from the internet has been met with deserved criticism. This plan directly interferes with the ITGS Social & Ethical Issue of Privacy & Anonymity; as it will force ISPs to report illegal activity and ultimately disconnect users; but in a more realistic sense deals with Intellectual Property. The […]

The Role Of The Network Administrator

The role of the network administrator is to maintain the stability of the server. The server is very important, as the stability of our school network depends on its’ performance. The role of a network administrator is in management through software, rather than managing through hardware. All this work can be done through one computer […]

ITGS Portfolio 3/Extension

Final Portfolio: The GMail outage My final portfolio will concern a Cnet article explaining the recent Gmail outage. On September 1, the popular email client Gmail crashed for 100 minutes when a few servers were taken offline for upgrades. While this is a usual service procedure for servers, some changes were made to the request […]

Google Streetview

A privacy group is campaigning for the Street View feature of Google Maps to be shut down, citing privacy concerns. People have claimed there have been many instances of privacy violation, one instance being a man caught smoking despite telling his wife he wasn’t, or a boy with a skateboard who wasn’t allowed to own […]

Attack Of The Botnets!!!

Recently, there has been much controversy of the BBC’s experimental botnet, which was sent to 22,000 computers in a technology segment on BBC News. The BBC simply wanted to prove how easily vulnerable to botnets computers could be. The BBC reassures us that this botnet was harmless, as it only changed the wallpaper on a […]

The Trouble With Voting Machines…

On March 17, Premier Election Solutions (Once called Diebold) claimed that there were critical errors in its’ software, and existed in every version of their Software. The error comes in the ITGS Social and Ethical issue of Security, as the audit logs would hunt for glitches within the software. In this case, the logs weren’t […]


I know you want to watch it, but FIGHT THE TEMPTATION!!!!!! Uploaded on authorSTREAM by dontpetthesheep

Shakeandbake’s presentation

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