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Yannabot has Spawned!

All your bots are belong to us.

I came across a very interesting video looking at the inner-workings of a cottage internet podcast studio called TWiT that avoided the mainstream television approach, finding the Internet audience a more profitable business model. I thought this would be appropriate for ITGS in the way that it relates to one of the many benefits of […]

“The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era” Vernor Vinge writes, in his article ‘The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era’, about the concept of the Singularity in terms of time and what effects entail. The Singularity is the process of technology to exceed human intelligence. Vinge goes […]

During the Grade 12 Field Trip last Friday, I embarked on a mission to find out all the interesting information about the security features in our network infrastructure. Protocols running through the network at ACS are authenticated through a central server running Filemaker Pro. Users on the server are segregated into certain categories (e.g. student, […]

Odo’s Final Portfolio

Crammed into one huge blogpost that can be read following the link below: Portfolio Choice A (Science & Environment) For my first choice I looked at the recent NHS Swine Flu Hotline concerning points of reliability with self-diagnosis online and whether prescription drugs should be prescribed using only computer logic. ( Portfolio Choice B (Arts, […]

Machine Language is binary, consisting of 0‘s and 1‘s, correct? Well, maybe not for long. A study by Edinburgh and Manchester university scientists has arrived at a more sophisticated quantum binary language using an entire range of values (qubits). This technological advance uses molecular-scale technology instead of the current silicon chips. Such an achievement of […]

We have looked over Web2.0, a big step in Internet functionality, but Web3.0 may be the next significant advance in the reasonably near future. The 20-year anniversary of the World Wide Web was celebrated at a gathering in Geneva recently on the 14th of March. Tim Berners-Lee, acclaimed inventor of the Internet, attended this celebration […]

A recent story in the news has been associated with Google Maps. A roofer named Tom Berge scouted for and stole half-inch lead tiles using satellite images on Google Maps. Lead tiles appear darker than others; Berge and his accomplices used this knowledge to make off with an estimated £100,000. Google Maps has had some […]

Tips & Twicks!

Having finished Identity Theft, Inc. my suspicions of an alterior motive for writing the book are abolished. Glenn Hasting’s scheme was no easier than working in a busy workplace. His great success through Identity Theft brought him millions of dollars but took from him his security, his name, and his freedom. It became apparent that […]

Having made decent progress through my book Identity Theft, Inc. I have come across some intriguing findings. First of all, I managed to find the identity of this anonymous author  – Glenn Hastings. If you Google this man you’ll find he is a male born in 1966, you’ll also find his accomplice – Richard Marcus. […]

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