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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

The Coming Technology Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era: This article discusses more of the topic of Artificial Intelligence and the theory of singularity. It discusses the probability that there will in fact be AI though not necessarily possible within the next year or two. It discusses singularity in this respect that all […]

Image by Mikmac via Flickr On the field trip the other day I was asked to look into the network software aspect of our set up at school. The program that we use at school is called Workgroup Manager. This program is used to monitor that status of the servers in several different ways. The […]

Image via CrunchBase The next portfolio i want to write about is based off an article by Gigaom and is about getting Ivy League education through the same coursework on the internet via P2P Networking. The exact question posed in the article is “Why do students plunk down $150,000 for a 4-year education at MIT […]

Sixth Sense Technology

In February, Pattie Maes demonstrated some new technology at the latest Technology,Education, and Design conference. Pattie talked about the idea of having a sixth sense and what it would be like. Her idea of a sixth sense is being provided with information or data seamlessly. In an example of this, Pattie and her student made […]

Secrets and Lies: Motivations

Cover via Amazon While the book  Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World, is about digital security (obviously), the author also talks about the motivations behind attacks on a system. I thought this was particularly interesting both because of the way the author presents this information and because I never really think about […]

The book I have to read for ITGS is ‘Secrets and Lies‘ and I went into this book with  no expectations what so ever. This is because I had never heard of this book and know almost nothing on the subject of digital security. But I was surprised at how the first introduction (there are […]

Sillbilliboi thinks GTD is

The tools that I have been testing out are a social bookmarking site called Delicious and an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader called Bloglines. Delicious bookmarks is a website that provides a social bookmarking service that allows the user to save and share bookmarks with other people. What sets Delicious apart from Image by via […]

The article I have carefully chosen to use in my Itgs Portfolio has to do with the “digital dark age”. This is when, in the near future, society will lose exobytes of data due to rapidly advancing platforms and formats. This article invokes several social and ethical issues. The first and most obvious issue is […]

GST hacks Large Hadron Collider

Soon after the start of the Large Hadron Collider’s computers, the GST(Greek Security team) hacked into the computer controlling one of the most important components for the LHC’s experiment to work. Though no real damage has been done by the hackers, this just emphasizes how vulnerable this high tech pieces of machinery are. This, as […]

Digital Immigrant/Native

Recently our class had to write an essay on the Marc Prensky article about Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives(click here to read). Digital Immigrants are described as the older generation who did not grow up with the technology we have today while the Digital Natives are described as the new generation as we have grown […]

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