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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

AI Mini Assignments

Our first mini assignment was to create a Chatbot and I know that she would love to have a chat with you. Her name is dancin’geek, and no she isn’t a geek with dance. However, she has been created by someone who is very passionate about dance hence the name. She loves to chat, she […]

Singularity and Living in a Computer Simulation

Article One: “Are you living in a Computer Simulation?” By Nick Bostrom. This article presents an analysis of the possibility that we all might be living in a simulation. He comes to the conclusion that it is not only possible but rather we ARE living in a computer simulation. This article is very philosophical meaning […]

For the final ITGS portfolio in my life, I chose attacks on Twitter. Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read messages known as ‘tweets.’ Twitter is one of those websites that are at the top of the social networking ladder, everyone in my ITGS class […]


Twitter is a micro- blogging(a form of multimedia blogging) service that enables its users to send and read other users’ updates known as tweets. These updates are placed onto a user’s profile page and sent off to the users who signed up to receive them. Twitter also allows its users to send and receive updates via […]

Part 3- Database Nation

What do we mean by privacy? The concept of privacy is the main social and ethical issue of this book. According to Garfinkel persuasive data banks and surveillance technology are leading to the death of privacy, people need to realize that the term privacy is not only about hiding things, it is about self-possession, autonomy […]

Part 2

The tracking process: how our information is turned against us. Step 1: (Make data collectible) the information worth collecting containing: age, height, location and information about the past or present. Step 2: (make data machine readable) automatic data collection is the second big step needed to create the data sphere, automated systems read a piece […]

Database Nation

Database nation is fascinating yet disturbing when it comes to its explanations of new technologies, it describes how little control we have over our personal information. Privacy under attack: for example you know that people only call your phone at a civilised hour not at 5 in the morning, you pick up your receiver then […]

Getting Things Done

Over the past couple weeks the ITGS grade 11 class have been researching Getting Things Done also abbreviated to GTD. GTD is a book written by David Allen. David was born 28th December, 1945 and a productivity consultant who graduated from New College of Florida. He went through many careers before he found productivity consultant […]

Digital Immigrant, Digital Native

Marc Prensky talks about the education levels within the school systems are dropping, he seems to think that this is because children are more into gaming and watching videos for their education. When i believe that the children of the contemporary societies on a global scale are more into actually playing computer and video for […]


There actually isn’t a lot to say about Amaztype except that it is “cool and funky.” It is exactly like Amazon but it has different qualities which are attractive to the younger eye. The attractiveness of the website is all about the way it is presented. There are graphics on the homepage when you want […]