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AI Mini – Chat Bot and WAY Beyond

Image via Wikipedia First off, the link to my somewhat ok chatbot… Have Fun with it… Second, Jeff Hawkins in Awesome! I recommend this TED talk to anyone, regardless if you are techully incline or not. He puts everything in simple terms and shows some really good ideas. I especially like the one about the […]

Simulations will kill us!!!!

Image via Wikipedia Article Review 1 – The Coming Technology Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era This article is not for the faint hearted in two ways; 1 – The article itself is very long and at sometimes is can be boring. 2 – The information in the article is very TOK. I […]

How ACS-Egham Connects to the Internet

Image via Wikipedia ACS Egham uses the same systems as any large corporation to connect to the Internet. It is a farley basic system involving proxy servers, switches/hubs and a lot of fiber optic connections. The first step is to have a point of entry for the Internet. This comes from an ISP or Internet […]

Facial recognition software is the new security feature being implemented in casinos all around the US and Canada. FRS has taken CCTV security to the next level. FRS is used my many law enforcement organizations like the FBI and the CIA to find criminals. They upload a picture of the suspect they are looking for. […]

Facebook = Cancer…Don’t Really Know

Image by Getty Images via Daylife This article is my last and I am not as fond of this one as much as the other two. This one is about Facebook and how it could increase your chance of cancer, or it could involove other help implications. If this was the case, I would have […]

How Facebook and get you Fired

My second article I found was based on something that from what I hear happens quiet regularly. Facebook is supposed to be good for keeping in touch with friends and family, but there is another side to it, an EVIL side. Facebook can work against you and in many cases it can get you fired […]

Twitter: Use it Productively

My first article I came across is about using twitter productively. After reading through it I realized how many uses there is for twitter. It was created to be used as a micro blog but some people came up with different uses that can enhance it to be used in different applications like in the […]

Yahoo Sales Out to China!

Image via CrunchBase    As I continue to read the book ‘who controls the Internet?’ the question posed by the title has still not been answered. The Arthur continues to give examples of people that could potentially be the controllers, one of them I have already mentioned in my first post,was the Government in different […]

Who Controls the Internet? Do you know…?

Image via CrunchBase The book I am reading at the moment is called Who Controls the Internet. The book covers some risky situation from around the world that pose the question Who Controls the Internet. So far the writer has talked about issue that have risen in countries like France and China. The most interesting […]

ITGS Portfolio – The Dark Market

The article I have chosen to use for my portfolio is about an FBI sting on the largest dynamic database site for personal data like credit card numbers, phone numbers, social security numbers and much more. This site would pull information from sites that requested personal information like pay pal or ebay. It would latch […]

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