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Part One of Who Controls the Internet?

.I have finished part one of the book. Part One: The internet Revolution is a discussion of the early days of the internet in the 1990s. Julian Dibbell and John Perry Barlow are mentioned for creating a vision that triggered public imagination around the world. This chapter also mentions the Electronic Frontier Foundation which worked […]

Who Controls the Internet?

Over break I have starting reading a new book for class called Who Controls the Internet? So far the book reads well. The Introduction of the book discusses how a french jew sued yahoo for posting websites for auctioning nazi memorabilia. This is illegal in france however, the website is not french. The introduction basically […]

Web Site Story

Web Site Story

Portfolio Articles ?!

For my portfolio in ITGS we were required to pick an article having to do with the area of impact “Buisness and Employment” and we need to dicuss its issues and how the IT system works and how it links to Buissness and Employment. I have chosen two articles but am having trouble deciding which […]

Over the years amazon has developed a platform technology for reading on the go. Downloadable newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, eBooks, Novels, Poems, articles, etc have been made to be downloaded onto the cheap and useful Amazon Kindle. The Kindle is cheaper than most eReading tools because of its wireless internet capability. The Kindle, even after […]

The First Computer

Throughout time, since the first computer was made, computers has been modified more and more over the years. However, you may ask yourself now and again “what was the first computer.” According to many encyclopedias the first computer was known as the Havard Mark 1 created by Howard H. Aiken and his team in the […]

Informational Privacy

 My parents and I have grown up in different times, therefore our ideas about technology are very different. “Back in the day” my parents didn’t have computers. Card readers and card punchers were created so that one could print out his or her projects for college. These machines which read the cards were the size […]

Tekzilla is a new channel I have recently downloaded from miro. Tekzilla provides daily tech tips and digital news from presenters Patrick or Jessica. Some of the tips given are, for example, how to quickly change default web browsers, how to run a google search from anywhere, and how to check the status of your […]