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Cisco Systems Trip Overview

The CISCO systems telepresence trip was an eye opening experience for the quick thinking and preparation needed to have a successful debate. Our group wasn’t prepared for the debate. We didn’t make a formal introduction about ourselves like our opposing group did. With all the negatives aside the telepresence experience was a new one for […]

Trippy Essays & Questions

The Coming Technological Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era: This essay is written by Vernor Vinge an associate in the Department of Mathematical Sciences for San Diego State University. Vernor Vinge talks about how artificial intelligence has been growing in a fast rate. Vernor thinks that our world is going to come to […]

President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has been protesting about Twitter posts made by Venezuelans and journalists. The Twitter posts were against Chavez’s government, one was called ‘freevenezuela’. Chavez stated Twitter is a ”tool of terror”. Chavez plans to regulate the internet and he has submitted a legislation that is yet to be approved by the […]

Pirates Dilemma book review

If the embedding below is a little small go to this link to see Youngtroopz’s presentation and review of the Pirates Dilemma – Please upgrade your browser Enjoy…

The first chapter is called punk capitalism, it explores one of the main ideas of this book. Punk capitalists are people (punks) who are introducing us to how the new world works with a D.I.Y. approach. This D.I.Y. approach promotes such values as image is nothing, resist authority ect.  This type of thinking does not […]

Pirates Dilemma

The book i was assigned is ‘’The Pirates Dilemma’’, written by Matt Mason. In the first few pages of this book piracy is introduced to us in a metaphorical way, the world is looked upon as a ship and the pirates are the ones illegally obtaining private data subsequently shaking the ship and wrecking society. […]

Chosen Article (Portfolio)

The article I chose to use for my portfolio is ”Every step you take: UK underground centre that is spy capital of the world”. This article ties in with business and employment because of the CCTV operators that are needed (employment factor) and the IT system, in this case the CCTV cameras. The social and […]

Does Google Lack Privacy?

It is worrying that google saves web history without informing you. Like many other sites, google saves your private search information, this only applies when you have a Gmail account. Google hide this quite well, although it is possible to be informed about this service it is kept quite secretive. One might not think that […]

What Was The First Computer?

In class we had a discussion about what was the first computer invented. When the word ‘computer’ was brought up in the discussion so was ‘abacus’, I was nearly tricked into believing that an abacus was the first computer ever invented. After going in more depth about the definition of ‘computer’, I found this Definition, ‘A […]

Miro Video Review – CrankyGeeks [175]

CrankyGeeks has over 180 videos about new technologies and technology news. It seems to be fairly popular with a 4 star rating on Miro. I noticed that each video stars different people some being famous such as news presenters but each video stars John C. Dvorak who starts off the discussions. CrankyGeeks has over 180 […]