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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

While I suppose a title seems overly melodramatic, it actually does describe the occasion, a carnage. Lets have a look at the post op report in an even more dramatic manner! Dossier: The Mission: To sucessfully defend wiki-leaks in a debate with another school. The Date: 29-11-2010, 1130 hours The Location: Cisco Systems, [REDACTED] The […]

Artificial Intelligence; “Intelligence exhibited by an artificial (non-natural, man-made) entity; The branch of computer science dealing with the reproduction or mimicking of human-level thought in computers; The essential quality of a machine which thinks in a manner similar to or on the same general level as a human being”. (Editor’s Note: Past this point we’re […]

Despite being late (even though the document was ready on Thursday),  I still have not forgotten my trusty ITGS triangle. I digress, so I”ll just jump into this interesting article.  To sum it up, the article was written by Matt Peckham at MSNBC, who wrote a story about a controversial news story by Fox News […]

Secrets & Lyz presentation…

Presentation Link Scrtz & lyz incorrect f1 View more presentations from Nabsuh.

Secrets & Lies: Adversaries

Alright, now we’re back for chapter 4, the second to last piece of the first part, ‘The Landscape’. Chapter 4: *Personal Note: Reminded me a lone-wolf detective breaking down criminals to their individual characteristics!* “So who is threatening the digital world anyways?” “The adversaries are the same as they are in the physical world. Common […]

Secrets & Lies: The Attack

Being me of course,  the book is extremely chunky, hence, it would take two full out blogposts in order to discuss what I’ve been reading. Anyways, this first post will flesh out Chapter 3 of this epic story ‘The Landscape’. Hope ya’ll get a kick outta it! – “There are three broad classes of attack” […]

“Computer security is often advertised in the abstract” “The first questions to ask are: “Secure from whom?” and “Secure against what?” “Security is never black and white” Just the beginning of the ‘landscape’ being written out. Bruce Schneier opens out the section with questions that people rarely ask themselves, even expressing how while computer’s have […]

Secrets & Lies

Before reading the introduction, I decided to have a look into the preface, to my surprise, it started off with a sentence that I would have never expected to read before starting a book. “I have written this book partly to correct a mistake.” From there, it goes into how his first book “Applied Cryptology” […]

Recently the topic of “Business” and “Employment” have been brought up recently; and on the Guardian theres an interesting story about how an employee stole and sold personal account details to rival firms. Now, this is major as some person just working in a company immediately takes your information and decides to sell it without […]

One major social ethical issue that has appeared in the last 9 years is “How far will we go to protect our society?” Socially, the country I am in seems to have some issues (in the sense that there are marauding teenagers or drunks who decide to tear up a street whether they seems to […]

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