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The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

Summer was going very well until I remembered that I had to read this novel. After reading my first post about this novel, Mr. Perkins was not pleased. He wants positive feedbacks and wants to know what the novel is actually about. However, some of the things I wrote in that post are relevant when […]

The Shallows so far…..

When we received this assignment i thought that the novel i got would be boring, even though it looked as if it was one of the best in the choices. This novel starts off slow and it talks the content of the Internet cannot be separated from the medium of the Internet, in true McLuhan […]

Hacking of iTunes

The article on “Hacking worm holes in iTunes” The article is about how recently, customers of iTunes, are experiencing problems with their account. Customers reports say that their accounts have been hacked, or their gift cards being spent, their PayPal accounts being used or their store credit exhausted. The iTunes store is a massive network, […]

Apple factories to be inspected tags: ITGS IPAD Got the iPhone and the iPad? Now prepare for the i-injury tags: ITGS IPAD Posted from Diigo. The rest of my favorite links are here.

Apps Rush: Chrome, The Walking Dead, OneNote, Ladyhawke, Bullet Asylum and more tags: ITGS IPAD Great QWERTY smartphones you can have right now tags: ITGS Why a 15-inch MacBook Air would be the greatest thing since sliced bread tags: ITGS Facebook: Nearly half of under-13s use social site regularly tags: ITGS Apple’s iPhone business is […]

Little Brother by Cory Doctorow

Our class assignment was to read this book”Little Brother” by Cory Doctorow. Even though, it was not the best written book i have ever read, the IT related terms and technology described in this book were amazing. It is funny how a teenager knows all this information and can use to it to take down […]

There are two parts to this question. The first one being that there is a positive side and the other one being the negative side. The positive stated in the article were that because of technology, students can access many of the information needed online. However, it also goes on to talk about how children, […]

Motherboard Video

The following video is about how Nick Robertson and I took apart a Dell laptop carefully and looked at the components of the motherboard. We started off with the explanation of a PC and ended with an explanation of a power source. We explained 10 components or more which included Microprocessor, Heat sink and fan, […]

Facebook was threatened by Germany over its facial recognition software, which the German critics say violates privacy and data protection laws. This software of Facebook identifies the user’s friends on each picture and tags them. There was a strong disapproval by the users of Facebook when this software began in June. Though the users can […]

Authenticity Issue

Authenticity Over Internet Authenticity of any thing nowadays is important. What you see, might not be what you get. Sometimes you look at a product online and want to buy, it might not be genuine and you might get the replica (fake) version of the product but how can you be so sure that what […]

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