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How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil – 3rd Post

Hi all, This post represents the final post on this topic. I am very happy that I read this book as it is very eye opening, and throughout the book Ray continues to blow my mind. As mentioned earlier, the book starts of talking about the neocortex and hierarchical thinking. Which includes talking about the […]

  Here is the final no-show presentation:  

“The Secret of human thought Revealed” Dear fellow bloggers, I am pleased to announce that I have progressed in “How to Create a Mind” by Ray Kurzweil. Unlike the first chapter and partly the second chapter, where he just mentioned past great minds and their impact on society, Kurweil has started to explain how exactly our […]

How to Create a Mind by Ray Kurzweil

The Secret of Human Thought Revealed Dear audience, I am excited to reveal my first thoughts of “How to Create a Mind” by Ray Kurzweil. The book starts of very interesting and captivating, mentioning the development of the Darwin’s ideas and the discovery of the double helix like structure in the cell nucleus called DNA. Then […]

In April a man from Ohio was charged by a grand jury on identify theft charges. However this had nothing with stolen credit cards or anything like that. Apparently the suspect stole a South Carolina man’s identity to gain access of $300,000 in medical treatment at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Centre. According to Kirsten Hallam, […]