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Artificial Intelligence

Main points: –Singularity: The technological singularity is the vast progression in technology where artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence thus possibly ending the human race itself. –Simulation: A simulation is way of entering data that produces an outcome without having to physically use valuable resources and to efficiently record and conduct experiments in a safe environment. […]

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The Shallows by Nicholas Carr – Book review 3

During the book ‘The Shallows’ by Carr, he raies some very interesting points on how technology affects media. Not only is the internet changing the way we think, Carr says, but the internet is also shaping how the media is adapting to this change. Mostly everyone goes on the internet for all types of entertainment […]

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr – Book review 2

Not much has changed within the book, although Carr does talk about the evolution of the written word and how it affects us. I never thought about a time before literature but now reading this book I now think about it more and it is a very interesting subject.   Carr also talks about how […]

The Shallows by Nicholas Carr – Book review 1

In the book ‘The Shallows’ by Nicholas Carr, the author reviews the history of theories and research involving how the brain functions, develops and adapts. From ancient philosophers like Aristotle to MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, Carr leads you through the evolution of brain research and development. He presents research about the brain’s plasticity […]

‘WASHINGTON — When tens of thousands of football fans packed into a Florida stadium for Super Bowl XXXV, they weren’t merely watching the game: They were also being watched.‘ During the Super Bowl XXXV, facial recognition software was implemented into the turn-stiles to monitor criminals and potentially dangerous people. The software does so by taking […]