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(Picture – David Kernell) Guidelines: * Briefly, explain what happened, what the implications were because this was an email account that she used for work. * How at risk are you and your friends (have you ever shared a password, did you change it afterwards, etc.) * What is the potential fallout of someone gaining […]

The Future of Texting!

“Nokia Unveils Mid-air Messaging” The mobile phone company Nokia has just come out with a new phone that lets you write text messages in mid-air! These short text messages are created by a row of LED’S fitted on the phone’s cover. The messages appear in mid-air when the handset is shaken in the air […]

By: Steve Lohr Published: May 20, 2008 As of Monday, (May 19, 2008) Google Health started growing continuously with the help of offering online personal health records. The purpose of this development is to encourage consumers to manage their own health care and medical spending. This new way of keeping records has interested many companies […]

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of emails you receive on a day to day basest? Well for Michael Arrington, the creator of TechCrunch, it isn’t unusual for him to receive 2,433 emails just in one day. Although he is the founder of a blogging Internet Company Website, he still finds himself becoming […]

“What privacy issues do DATABASES display?”

In November of 1967, Arthur Miller wrote an article on the issues of government databases. Based on his own prior knowledge of databases he created, what he felt to be, the future issues these will create. One problem being that if there was an increase in the amount of recorded information than there would be […]

“Get your ConnectR today!” ConnectR is basically a laser pointer, which can command a robot what to fetch for you. Ok lets say, a medicine bottle dropped on the floor all you have to do is shine its bright light on it and the robot will go to the spot, retrieve the bottle and roll […]


Is it right to block sites such as Wikipedia because students may be exposed to inaccurate information, or should we promote sites such as Wikipedia as a helpful tool for students to investigate and decide the validity of the information? What is Wikipedia? Well, one can define it as simply being a free online encyclopedia […]

Overcoming Your Virtual Fears…

Ever thought you could learn from a place outside your own? Welcome to a world of virtual reality a place that brings to life your wildest fantasies without even having to deal with the consequences, a place where you can improve your social skills, and which gives off a sense of “presence”! A world created […]

Simulations, do we truely know our own world?

The Earth is just a planet, but the people who live on it make up our ever-changing world of possible ideas! Do you know what a simulation is? For those of us who do not know, a simulation is basically an artificial or imitation of something real. But, the real question is are we living […]

Web 2.0?

Could you ever imagine a completely new version of the World Wide Web? It would have tons of open data floating around, which anyone could use and even users, themselves, can create their own data. It would be user friendly, encouraging user contribution, and customer self-service. It would be easy and pleasurable to use with […]

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