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You are not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier is an analysation of how humans ultimately interact with and study technology, and how we as humans are impacted by the way that we interact with the technology. In the last half of the book, Lanier revisits the claims he had previously discussed in the earlier chapters of […]

In the first part of the novel You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier, Lanier targeted on what he calls ‘cybernetic totalism‘, which is the theory of the things like the Singularity, when people upload themselves to the internet. He also presented his concern that the web 2.0 and social networking may be a cause of […]

You Are Not a Gadget

  Jaron Lanier, the author of the book “You Are Not a Gadget” has a very interesting view and stance on the web 2.0 in that he is a very strong critic of it. This is ironic because he is a researcher for Microsoft and is obviously very interested by IT. His reason for disliking the web […]

Digital Natives, Digital Imigrants

Link to Picture: In the article Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, by Marc Prensky, the main arguments or points that he makes, are that there are Digital Natives, who have grown up with modern technology and who are very familiar with it, and there are Digital Immigrants, who have been introduced to modern technology over the […]

Drone Reliability and Integrity

  Sites used for research on this subject are: There are many positive social and ethical impacts on people such as safer situations, safety of the pilot if the aircraft crashes, easier use and many other reasons, however, there are some disadvantages. An example of a disadvantage is the possibility of the […]