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Data and Goliath: the problem

In the book Data and Goliath by Bruce Schneier, Schneier discusses the issues surrounding the constant surveillance of everyone and everything. Not a minute goes by where you are not being traced by a company or a government. Most notably in things such as your phone where they track where you are, who your with […]

Digital natives vs Digital immigrants

In the “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants” article Marc Prensky, the author discusses the differences between today’s generation of digital natives who were born and have grown up with technology in their lives and the older generations of digital immigrants who are attempting to adapt to the new technologies. Marc stated that currently the new generation […]

TOR (the onion router) and total anonymity       This article discusses the issues faced when dealing with the TOR browser and its ability to make any user completely anonymous while using websites configured to work with it marked with a .onion host suffix.   The TOR browser as mentioned in the article above is an internet browser designed by […]