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“Welcome to a Heavenly Hubbub”

There are several instances in which you may not expect to witness the ever evolving world of technology. Could you have ever imagined technology to appear in the church setting? The traveling McNoot (my church needs one of those) awards reached the UK in hopes of inspiring churches all over the world to move parish […]

40 years ago, Arthur Miller predicted a major issue and eventually downfall of information storage systems. They said that as the amount of stored and recorded information grew, privacy issues would arise. Some thirty years before the Internet was in common use (and dynamic databases were introduced), Miller was able to foretell the possible effect […]

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Beyond the Keyboard and Mouse

This photograph originate from Have you ever played Guitar Hero? It is one of today’s popular and addicting games. Recently a group of  musicians decided to make Guitar Hero reality. They do thier performances with hacked Guitar Hero controllers. However, while Guitar Hero advances the video game society into the future of controllers, computing […]

Is Wikipedia A Scholarly Source?

Wikipedia is one of the most controversial information sources on the web today. It serves as a socially edited database source for information on virtually any topic. A wiki is a type of software that allows users to make edits to pages collaboratively and easily. Whether in schools, businesses, or independent study, Wikipedia has become […]

Cortical Simulation

The simulation argument claims that everything that we know to be “real” could actually be under the control of a higher advanced society. We could be merely dolls under the control of another world. There is no way to know that this is true but scientists today are pioneering advanced simulations that could mirror this […]

Are we computer simulations?

Ever wondered what the meaning of life is? Everybody has his or her own theories about our purpose here on earth. Most of them are highly thought out and entirely believable. What would you do if someone told you that everything you see, everything you experience, everything that is essentially you is a simulation. This […]

Web 2.0: Fact or Fiction

As we continue to move into the twenty first century of technology, inevitably the Internet as we know it is going to change. Social and global developments have lead to the rise of the Internet as a tool to delve ordinary citizens into an accessible never ending multitude of information. The Internet was proposed in […]

Have you ever wondered what exactly fair use pertain to? When you’re watching video’s online or downloading music from a site have you ever wondered if the “up-loader” got permission to be using another’s creative work? This protection of a creative work is called intellectual property. Under copyrights, ideas or forms of original personal input  […]

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