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Part Two: Everyday Life and After-Life

Part Two of the novel Total Recall, discusses a further explanation of e-memory, touching more on the sensitive aspects of our memories. This has been explained through 4 parts: recording and storytelling, immortalizing Jim Gray, memories of Jim Gray and Digital Immortality. Authors Jim Gemmell and Gordon Bell discuss of the struggles behind losing precious […]

Part Three: The Future

In the third section of the novel Total Recall, authors Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmell, explain ‘The Future’, discussing the transition towards the use of new technology. These final chapters discuss the constant issues with total recall, however, once we adapt to these problems there’s nothing but positives. Adaptation: Our adaptation to technology refers more […]

Part One: The Vision

The book Total recall discusses the question ‘How the E-memory revolution will change everything’? With this being this long will discuss the opening chapter Vision, which explains the concept behind total concept and the effect that it will have on the world as a whole. Author, Gordon Bell and Jim Gemmel in the opening chapter […]