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The issue presented in this long article, “The Real Threat to Google” is the widespread use of cell phones to access the Internet. The article talks about the increasing threat Google faces everyday as phone technology develops and people start to use their mobile phones to go on Internet. As we all know, or at […]

The very interesting article “Helping Addicts Cope Through Virtual Immersion” talks about helping alcohol or drug patients in therapy or rehab by recreating real-life situations as simulations. The aim of the use of this technology is to put the patient in a situation mentally where they are in a bar, house, party or with people, […]

Arthur R. Miller’s article “ The National Data Center and Personal Privacy” written in 1967 focuses on the new-at-the-time technology of databases and the worries it brings about such as individual freedom and privacy, permanent information that can always be tracked down. All these problems listed by the author relate to the fear of surveillance […]

IBM races to make hi-tech memory

Revealed by the IBM team, the technology also known as racetrack memory will be capable of replacing flash and hard drives in computers and other gadgets. All thanks to its tiny magnetic boundaries that store the data, the racetrack memory would be the new technology capable of storing thousands of hours of film footage and […]

Facebook is a social networking site for those who have not yet discovered its many advantages such as offering an easy way to find old friends and connecting with current friends online. Sure it serves an entrtainment purpose; there are many fun applications one can put on their profile to show their personality in one […]

The simulation argument

Humans grow up to know that they are the only ones controlling their brains, that in this world(with personal beliefs of course) that they act with their conscious. What if someone was to present an argument where human beings were suggested to be simulations? That not only we are not in control of our lives, […]


Ning is a social networking site where people create their own profiles; and giving brief information about themselves. But thats is not all, the main feature of Ning is that within your profile you can create a network of your own choice, for example, you are a fan of traveling; and you want to share […]

It’s scary how fast technology develops, even scarier that I find it hard to imagine what would be invented or discovered next. The article I chose to read talks about the development of biological molecules which are basically made up of living organisms that can operate with its biochemical environment. It can also work by […]


Parents fight school over mandatory RFID on kids | February 10, 2005 A school in California has declared that chipping its young pupils is mandatory – and parents are furious about it. Brittan Elementary School in Sutter, California, introduced a scheme last month to use RFID to identify its pupils. The RFID chips are […]

Today studies showed that identity theft is not much of a concern to young adults. With technological advances, young adults are spending more time online-putting themselves at a high risk of exposing sensitive information. People between the ages of 18 and 29 experienced the highest levels of identity theft victimization-31 percent of total thefts-according to […]

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