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Giant Databases

The government is planning on making a database that will contain every phone call that you have made, every email that you have sent to your friends and relatives and also every web page that you have visited during the last 12 months. The government thinks that this is necessary in order to stop terrorism. […]

Have you wondered what will happen if you are in a foreign country and you get arrested and they would let you out…But however now recently this has been changed according the incident that happened in Egypt. One student James Karl Buck freed himself from the police with just sending a one world blog post […]

What is a database? A database is a collection of organizing information in a way that the computer program can speedily select the piece of information that you wished to see. You can say that a database is like an electronic filing system. Usually a particular database is organized by fields, records and also files. […]

Facebook is national security threat

According to the Israeli defense officials the new threat to the national security is Facebook. Since the soldiers were putting and also uploading pictures of them holding classified equipments however the there was a new law and a new rule announced on thursday which is prevent them from revealing private information about themselves. However they […]

Chocodreams Bloglines account

Heyy, Now I am using the bloglines. If you are interested in viewing my ITGS feed.Then take a look at my bloglines account. Here is my account:

Broadband users Dissatisfied

Broadband is High-speed connection, which are usually really cheap but on the other hand they are also very fast in connecting to the Internet. It is said that 15 million customers which is like a half of a country is currently spending three billion pounds on the broadband every year. It is suggested in a […]

Is Wikipedia Really Reliable?

Doing a Project for a class and you need to research  a particular topic. You type in your topic in Google and wait for the results to show up. You will also see the first available option is on the list that Google has come up with to match with your topic. Wikipedia is the […]

Climate Film Put To The Computer Test

Climate film put to computer test is an article that is written by Alex Kirby, who is a BBC News Online environment correspondent. This article was published on Tuesday, 22nd June 2004. What Alex Kirby is saying in the articles is that computer user from around the world are invited to download and they can […]

Are human being computer simulations?

Have you ever tried to figure what is life and what is the mean of life? Well everyone has their own opinion and theories on what they think life is and what is their purpose on being on earth. Some people think that everything that you see and you do is a simulation. Nowadays there […]

Online Office Applications- Zoho Office Suite

Have you ever wondered what it will be like if you have to use the office application but they were only avaliable online. Would you ever used an online office application if not, then here is chance for you to find out what it is like to use an online office application. Zoho is a […]

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