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Biometric Practice Question for Moosykinns

Area of Impact: Government 2. PC David is at a police station that has a database of biometric data which is collected and stored on site. The police can access this data to assist them in catching criminals. (a) Identify 4 types of biometric data [3 marks] (b) How could biometric data be used to […]

Network Discussions…

The campus administrator came to talk to us about the networks that that are on campus. My section that i had to ask questions about was about the wireless systems that the school has in place How far do the wireless signals reach? It depends on if its inside, what interference etc. About 50m in […]

Another Blog Post with No Name

I thought this article could be interesting as we have just been studying artificial intelligence. WIRED MAGAZINE: Geekipedia Artificial intelligence “Artificial vision gets sharper all the time. Artificial walking has made great robot strides. But artificial intelligence is brain-dead. Why? Because while researchers have built awesome technology, they’ve failed to grapple with philosophy. Early computer […]

When i first thought of AI i thought of the movies where AI (artificial intelligence) is created and it takes over the world or at least attempts to; however once i started to investigate the definitions of AI i discovered that for the AI to cause much harm it would have to  be in a […]