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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

A group of students at a university are all members of a university wide server that students can use for fast downloading of songs, movies and other files. Students can both add or take from this server, and this is all overseen by administrators to ensure privacy and reliability of information.   a) Identify the […]

Remote Access Questions

Question we asked Ms. Donnan about networks…. 1) Why do we have to log on as “Guest” in certain areas of th school? The schools wireless network connection runs through 2 main base stations. All the different laptop and desktop connections have to be authenticated through these base stations. Everyone’s home folder sits on these […]

The following is an article I found in The Guardian newspaper. Is Garageband top of the Pops? The basic idea in it is that due to the technology that has been developed by Mac , Garageband, any up and coming band can create a CD and publish their music. Social and Ethical Issues: Equality of […]

When I was younger and I first started hearing about Artificial Intelligence I thought it was all robots and machines that spat out information. My definition now is obviously a little less ignorant and more informed: Artificial intelligence to me is the programming of machines by humans to mimic the actions, thoughts and someday reasoning […]