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Yahoo Sales Out to China!

Image via CrunchBase    As I continue to read the book ‘who controls the Internet?’ the question posed by the title has still not been answered. The Arthur continues to give examples of people that could potentially be the controllers, one of them I have already mentioned in my first post,was the Government in different […]

Sillbilliboi thinks GTD is

The tools that I have been testing out are a social bookmarking site called Delicious and an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) reader called Bloglines. Delicious bookmarks is a website that provides a social bookmarking service that allows the user to save and share bookmarks with other people. What sets Delicious apart from Image by via […]

Over the past couple of weeks I explored the benefits of GTD Web 2.0 applications. These included an RSS Feed application – Bloglines – and a Planning application – Zoho Planner. Bloglines is one of many web applications using a popular method with RSS Feeds. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) Feeds are a method used to […]

The article I have carefully chosen to use in my Itgs Portfolio has to do with the “digital dark age”. This is when, in the near future, society will lose exobytes of data due to rapidly advancing platforms and formats. This article invokes several social and ethical issues. The first and most obvious issue is […]

The article that I found most appropriate for my father’s biggest fear in technology describes the various concepts of Biometric Face Recognition. As a general overview, Biometric Face Recognition is a technique used in modern tracking technology currently under government control. The United Kingdom, as an example, uses this software with the CCTV cameras in […]

In a mere thirty years, technology has changed dramatically. We have  gone from computers the size of rooms to ones that will fit on our laps and run incomparably faster. My father feels that his life would be significantly different had he grown up with the technology we have today… Image from More information […]

The popular alternative to Microsoft’s office suite OpenOffice is now natively available as a beta for the quickly growing operating system Mac OS X. Openoffice could become a major threat towards paid office clients as it’s popularity is dramatically increasing. One of the primary problems with buying a computer is having to purchase a large […]

What is a database? A database is a collection of organizing information in a way that the computer program can speedily select the piece of information that you wished to see. You can say that a database is like an electronic filing system. Usually a particular database is organized by fields, records and also files. […]

Facebook Security

Using the Internet can have many advantages and many disadvantages. The main issue on using the Internet is whether the site that you have created an account is safe or not. Or the information that you write on that website and be read and sometimes be edited by everyone else that can view your website. […]

Imagine a world in which computer users would never have to us a mouse or a keyboard again! It seems impossible at the moment but believe it or not, technology is already being implemented to revolutionize the world of input as we know it. Not very long from now, one will have the ability to […]

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