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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

The book I have to read for ITGS is ‘Secrets and Lies‘ and I went into this book with  no expectations what so ever. This is because I had never heard of this book and know almost nothing on the subject of digital security. But I was surprised at how the first introduction (there are […]

Businesses these days are troubled not only by the marketplace but also more devastating things like database infiltrations. It’s similar to a house burglary, most don’t account for them with the concept of “it won’t happen to me.” Well, this is exactly how businesses see it. Database infiltrations can prove destructive for a business. They […]

(Picture – David Kernell) Guidelines: * Briefly, explain what happened, what the implications were because this was an email account that she used for work. * How at risk are you and your friends (have you ever shared a password, did you change it afterwards, etc.) * What is the potential fallout of someone gaining […]

GST hacks Large Hadron Collider

Soon after the start of the Large Hadron Collider’s computers, the GST(Greek Security team) hacked into the computer controlling one of the most important components for the LHC’s experiment to work. Though no real damage has been done by the hackers, this just emphasizes how vulnerable this high tech pieces of machinery are. This, as […]

The article that I found most appropriate for my father’s biggest fear in technology describes the various concepts of Biometric Face Recognition. As a general overview, Biometric Face Recognition is a technique used in modern tracking technology currently under government control. The United Kingdom, as an example, uses this software with the CCTV cameras in […]

Seeing as my dads greatest fear had to do with biotechnology and, mom’s with weapons, I decided to chose an article that dealt with a good compromise, bio-terrorism.  The article starts in with the G8, which is “a powerful economic and political grouping comprising Britain, France, Germany, Russia, the United States, Japan, Italy and Canada”, […]

What is a database? A database is a collection of organizing information in a way that the computer program can speedily select the piece of information that you wished to see. You can say that a database is like an electronic filing system. Usually a particular database is organized by fields, records and also files. […]

Facebook is national security threat

According to the Israeli defense officials the new threat to the national security is Facebook. Since the soldiers were putting and also uploading pictures of them holding classified equipments however the there was a new law and a new rule announced on thursday which is prevent them from revealing private information about themselves. However they […]

 This article itself is short but touches on all area’s of the ITGS triangle. The articles talks about how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office breached the Data Protection Act by leaving visa applications open for anybody to view. Social and Ethical Issues: Privacy, Security, Policies and Standards. – Privacy and security is breached because personal […]

Order a PIZZA Grreat flash animation at what is happening to all that information about yourself – think it comes from the video America! Watch and laugh or cringe? (tags: privacy security social ITGS) China’s E-Tail Awakening Coolness16 has chosen this article what do you think, a good one to choose for the first portfolio […]

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