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Image by carlaarena via Flickr Grade 11’s now your Video assignment is over as announced it is time to begin your first Internal Assessment portfolio. The essential element of any good portfolio is the choice of the article – and the best wasy to choose an article is to read and organise as many as […]

One major social ethical issue that has appeared in the last 9 years is “How far will we go to protect our society?” Socially, the country I am in seems to have some issues (in the sense that there are marauding teenagers or drunks who decide to tear up a street whether they seems to […]

Does Google Lack Privacy?

It is worrying that google saves web history without informing you. Like many other sites, google saves your private search information, this only applies when you have a Gmail account. Google hide this quite well, although it is possible to be informed about this service it is kept quite secretive. One might not think that […]

There has been plenty of news about the link between employment and having a Social Networking account. If a person is applying for a job, many businesses will search for that person’s MySpace or Facebook page, giving them an insight into their personal life. Depending on the content of your pictures, this can make the […]

Slice of Slife?

Okay Grade 11’s you can breathe a sigh of relief your exams are over, so time to relax and see how and what you spend doing most of the time when you are pottering around on the computer? And Grade 12’s you do not get out of this either, as it will be interesting to […]

An Anonymous Author

Identity theft is an issue that affects millions presently. The soar of Internet usage and other technologies has both good and bad outcomes. Incompetent users of the Internet (ie. “digital immigrants”) are actually at a great risk, opening pathways to personal information and becoming vulnerable to identity thieves. The book I’m reading, as you may […]

The article that I found most appropriate for my father’s biggest fear in technology describes the various concepts of Biometric Face Recognition. As a general overview, Biometric Face Recognition is a technique used in modern tracking technology currently under government control. The United Kingdom, as an example, uses this software with the CCTV cameras in […]

In a mere thirty years, technology has changed dramatically. We have  gone from computers the size of rooms to ones that will fit on our laps and run incomparably faster. My father feels that his life would be significantly different had he grown up with the technology we have today… Image from More information […]

Giant Databases

The government is planning on making a database that will contain every phone call that you have made, every email that you have sent to your friends and relatives and also every web page that you have visited during the last 12 months. The government thinks that this is necessary in order to stop terrorism. […]

What is a database? A database is a collection of organizing information in a way that the computer program can speedily select the piece of information that you wished to see. You can say that a database is like an electronic filing system. Usually a particular database is organized by fields, records and also files. […]

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