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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

You are not a Gadget, by Jaron Lanier is an analysation of how humans ultimately interact with and study technology, and how we as humans are impacted by the way that we interact with the technology. In the last half of the book, Lanier revisits the claims he had previously discussed in the earlier chapters of […]

In the first part of the novel You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier, Lanier targeted on what he calls ‘cybernetic totalism‘, which is the theory of the things like the Singularity, when people upload themselves to the internet. He also presented his concern that the web 2.0 and social networking may be a cause of […]

You Are Not a Gadget

  Jaron Lanier, the author of the book “You Are Not a Gadget” has a very interesting view and stance on the web 2.0 in that he is a very strong critic of it. This is ironic because he is a researcher for Microsoft and is obviously very interested by IT. His reason for disliking the web […]

So its simple – what are your thoughts on the digital native – digital immigrant discussion? Watch these videos around the subject – or maybe others that you find. What do you think? Now Read through the very famous article by Marc Prensky on Information Technology and Education. Present your Arguments in a blog post neatly […]

Dr T will be away probably the next two classes – due to the arrival of a wee daughter. And so you have three things to be getting on with :- 1) Continue on with four Photoshop tasks as set – for finish on Thursday. Please when you have finished the four examples – please […]

While I suppose a title seems overly melodramatic, it actually does describe the occasion, a carnage. Lets have a look at the post op report in an even more dramatic manner! Dossier: The Mission: To sucessfully defend wiki-leaks in a debate with another school. The Date: 29-11-2010, 1130 hours The Location: Cisco Systems, [REDACTED] The […]

Conferencing is serious business. Businesses love to save money, which seems logical enough. Especially in large corporations such as Cisco Systems, a huge amount is spent on flights for representatives to meet other representatives in different countries. Not only is this expensive, it’s not a fantastic solution to helping nature. However, the annual costs have […]

Okay, time to summarise two essays written by Vernor Vinge and Nick Bostrom, on two different aspects of artificial intelligence. Vinge’s piece from 1993 dicsusses the evolution of artificial intelligence and the coming ‘singularity’. Bostrom’s argument from 2002 centres around our existence in a computer simulation. The propositions are both interesting, if a little extreme […]

Despite being late (even though the document was ready on Thursday),  I still have not forgotten my trusty ITGS triangle. I digress, so I”ll just jump into this interesting article.  To sum it up, the article was written by Matt Peckham at MSNBC, who wrote a story about a controversial news story by Fox News […]

The Coming Technology Singularity: How to Survive in the Post-Human Era: This article discusses more of the topic of Artificial Intelligence and the theory of singularity. It discusses the probability that there will in fact be AI though not necessarily possible within the next year or two. It discusses singularity in this respect that all […]

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