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@Nabsuh aaah yes the positives probably outweigh the negatives if handled correctly… in reply to Nabsuh # @dontpetthesheep until then check your Portfolio extension just finished marking it… in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep soon… in reply to dontpetthesheep # @snapperkiller What are the Goff questions? in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller perfecto! in reply […]

@TH3N3WG33K aahhhh won't it be good to be back – and I am sure see your shared Portfolio Extension on GDOC? in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @dontpetthesheep wakey wakey rise and shine – there is a DT project to complete :)~ in reply to dontpetthesheep # @Nabsuh – if you have no faith in the […] …. Just finished LITTLE BROTHER and it is a must read for all you ITGSers! # @dontpetthesheep off to th imax myself for the same -expecting major disappointment and that Avatar sucks big time. in reply to dontpetthesheep # @dontpetthesheep yes u r the winner of a perky prize…guerilla QR code operation to come […]

@snapperkiller about time – it is almost as bad as my automated blog post tweets :)~ in reply to snapperkiller # @snapperkiller oops – organisation is the key to life… in reply to snapperkiller # @Nabsuh – was it a little too easy? in reply to Nabsuh # Support STOP! Digital Economy Bill, add a […]

@Nabsuh sounds good – keep at it and make sure you check the criteria! in reply to Nabsuh # @TH3N3WG33K woohoo – it was a deep and interesting tweet at that! in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @dontpetthesheep I fully agree señor in reply to dontpetthesheep # Powered by Twitter Tools

I think we have the world rail service in the world – how anyone can commute on it everyday I will never know! # Ooops can't even spell – I think we have the worst railway service in the world here in the UK. # How people commute everyday on it I will never know… […]

@dontpetthesheep Now Now – don't get angry get even – and send a message to his lordship – in reply to dontpetthesheep # RT In a quiet moment this weekend why not email your MP about the #digitaleconomy bill? #webwar #threestrikes # – and heres another way to show your dislike for […]

@TH3N3WG33K Keep at it – and a great project will happen 🙂 in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @snapperkiller @dontpetthesheep – have confidence & go with it – read through aloud and check it flows – then breath a sign of relief 🙂 in reply to snapperkiller # From my iPhone – Miike Snow “Black & […]

RT Pls RT – Tickets now available for ORG event Bruce Schneier 'The Future of Privacy: Rethinking Security Trade-offs' # @Nabsuh kewlio.. in reply to Nabsuh # is Google getting less evil? # @Nabsuh they were very chunky in size – but managed to print….no worries… in reply to Nabsuh # Powered by […]

@dontpetthesheep the milky bars are on you :)~ in reply to dontpetthesheep # @michaelloper – for your EE in reply to michaelloper # @TH3N3WG33K – inspiration maybe? in reply to TH3N3WG33K # @snapperkiller whats wrong with GREAT britain – huh – apart from the rain, wind, cold, damp etc…. in reply to snapperkiller […]

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