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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Hi all, Well we have got started with the Major Project criteria B,C and D and the deadlines for these are up on ManageBAC so time to Wiki Nd Eghs … first thing you need to be in two teams of 2 and one team of 3 (you will find numbers amongst the waste – […]

Well it is going to be a busy week this week and leading up to Christmas – so please keep checking your ManageBAC regularly re deadlines and upcoming events. So as a heads up – Software Mini Quiz is on Thursday – same format as normal – some of you still have not shared your […]

Do you want to EAT RASPBERRY PI!

One unit down and a fun one too – Photoshop and Multimedia – you have also learnt how ITGS works, how Paper 2 exams work and are graded so what next. Well something even more fun – you will be learning the basics of programming and much much more… Well its time to do some […]

You survived a half term – you have enjoyed a weeks holiday and forgot everything about school.Oops – did you forget that you had a paper 2 assignment to do and the feedback for you was waiting on your GDOC – well all but Kiki, Final Prison Fish and Rabbit Eater did forget apparently! So […]

Until Half Term – Heads Up

Well half term is coming and your last week is going to be very busy – so as there is so much on – I have decided to give you the Tuesday and Wednesday class next week to work on the assignments. And just in case you are a little lost here are the targets […]

Assessment Clarification

Hi all, I may make it in for class Period 3 – but if not here is the assessment deadlines clarified for you :- 1) Photoshop Assignment – 4 images manipulated – emailed to me by end of Thursday 12th 2) Multimedia Notes – in some form shared by end of Thursday 12th 3) Digital […]

Dr T will be away probably the next two classes – due to the arrival of a wee daughter. And so you have three things to be getting on with :- 1) Continue on with four Photoshop tasks as set – for finish on Thursday. Please when you have finished the four examples – please […]

Over the next week or so – you will be looking at the use of Multimedia within ITGS and there are two main parts of this unit that you will be following : – Part 1 You will be given the ITGS textbook finally and need to read through Chapter 6 – Multimedia making notes […]

You by now have all started flicking through your book, and reading some of the first chapter. You may still be questioning why why why you have to read such a long detailed book related to an ITGS issue. This may be your first non-fiction read ever – especially in a specific subject area. BUT […] This article is related to the social ethical issue which is privacy. The problem arising from this issue is users can access other users personal information which they uploaded to the website just by changing their usernames. This also brings up privacy and anonymity issues too because other users can access other users without […]

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