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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

Think of a day before the Internet, television, telephone, radio, telegram and postal services. How did humans communicate with each other? Of course, they talked to each other in person; it was the only solution to relaying messages. As technology has progressed, we now have the sufficient tools to communicate with somebody out of reach. […]

Image via CrunchBase The next portfolio i want to write about is based off an article by Gigaom and is about getting Ivy League education through the same coursework on the internet via P2P Networking. The exact question posed in the article is “Why do students plunk down $150,000 for a 4-year education at MIT […]

vs BBC News – TECH Bar Codes have been a simple, successful in the world of digital identification and have become commonly implemented into an incredibly cheap and easy to use systematic experience. They are used for in shipping, warehousing, and most obviously on retail shopping, providing a quick and more efficient flow of getting […]

Image via Wikipedia Yes you have had your time to improve your first portfolio – and I hope you have taken that chance. As it is on to your second portfolio assignment, with the initial research taking place over the next few weeks – GULP! First of all you will need to go back to […]

Back to Skool…

Image via Wikipedia Just a quick good luck to Grade 12’s who will be involved in their final mocks this week – and all three papers! Yikes. Grade 11’s a reminder of work due etc :- 1) Thursday – Web 2.0 Presentation on their long assignment into reading a specific ITGS related book (note blog […]

Yahoo Sales Out to China!

Image via CrunchBase    As I continue to read the book ‘who controls the Internet?’ the question posed by the title has still not been answered. The Arthur continues to give examples of people that could potentially be the controllers, one of them I have already mentioned in my first post,was the Government in different […]

An Anonymous Author

Identity theft is an issue that affects millions presently. The soar of Internet usage and other technologies has both good and bad outcomes. Incompetent users of the Internet (ie. “digital immigrants”) are actually at a great risk, opening pathways to personal information and becoming vulnerable to identity thieves. The book I’m reading, as you may […]

(Picture – David Kernell) Guidelines: * Briefly, explain what happened, what the implications were because this was an email account that she used for work. * How at risk are you and your friends (have you ever shared a password, did you change it afterwards, etc.) * What is the potential fallout of someone gaining […]

Tim Berners-Lee is currently the credited inventor of the world wide web, still now being its head director.  One major concern being recognized now is providing access to the 80% of the world’s popultion that currently don’t have it.  The other main concern is dealing with credibility amongst internet sights.  An idea suggested for this […]

Digital Immigrant/Native

Recently our class had to write an essay on the Marc Prensky article about Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives(click here to read). Digital Immigrants are described as the older generation who did not grow up with the technology we have today while the Digital Natives are described as the new generation as we have grown […]

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