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‘hanging out the dirty linen’ to delve into the ethics of IT’s role in society.

 This article itself is short but touches on all area’s of the ITGS triangle. The articles talks about how the Foreign and Commonwealth Office breached the Data Protection Act by leaving visa applications open for anybody to view. Social and Ethical Issues: Privacy, Security, Policies and Standards. – Privacy and security is breached because personal […]

Governments make individuals lives more accessible to thieves who want to steal their identity; the CCTV cameras are the first step to destroying privacy forever. The issue is that there are about 4 million CCTV cameras around London. The government believes that with these cameras they can catch criminals, and even stop crime from happening. […]

[seetheface id=”1″] Excuse the dodgy video introduction above…but hopefully it will have intoduced you to your one-stop-shop, of information for your Information Technology in a Global Society course. Whether you are in the first or second year of your course I will be posting news stories, homework items, research help, video resources and much more […]

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