Barcode vs


Bar Codes have been a simple, successful in the world of digital identification and have become commonly implemented into an incredibly cheap and easy to use systematic experience. They are used for in shipping, warehousing, and most obviously on retail shopping, providing a quick and more efficient flow of getting identification across to people when needed.

However, this huge success story is now reaching its stage of obsolescence (DT) , as the establishment of new RFID Technology has now finally begun hitting the market.  RFID is an even faster and easier to use system that does all of what a Bar Code can do at a greater length of time limiting tag reading distance.

An excellent example of how much more effective this new technology is the business behind RFID retail shopping.

Women shoppersThe idea in this is that instead of having to wait in long lines after picking out your growsheries to scan your items individually, one by one…

you could just walk your cart strait though an RFID scanning gate that wirelessly detected all your shopping as asked for a payment before opening a set of automatic-sliding doors.

… now that’s Sexy Technology at its most practical level!!

So… why do not see RFID shopping now?  Well… apart from compared costs of bar cordes, perhaps there are social and ethical issues involved… such as technical faults such as theft through using iron plates for blocking RFID recognition.


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