Was reminded of one and recently came across some excellent software that demonstrates the use of face detection and augmented reality. Both are free to try and use  – so have a go at home to see if you think this is the future:-

AR Sights

AR Sights

An augmented reality application, that allows you to view 3D versions of Google Sketchup Models. Demonstrates the principles of augmented reality quite well – if not a pure AR system. So what does AR hold – so far the military have identified many uses and already using it for soldier training. Can you think of further applications and uses for this technology. Will our real and virtual worlds collide even more?

Real Time Face Detection Software

RTF Face Detection

RTF I have used for a while – and really makes you think that if CCTV technology that is now so prevalent in UK society is used in more accurate ways then what does the future hold. CCTV cameras in our classrooms to detect how happy students are – if their precentage happiness that is logged is below a certain percentage then the parents are automatically informed to their Smart Phone. Seems crazy – but the technology is pretty much there – so what will stop that sort of situation happening?

Enjoy and please write comments to my questions?

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