As a person who plays the occasional video game, there will always be a time when I should purchase a new one. However, the latest games are not all as good as they seem. Who do you trust to to separate the good from the bad? Well, there are people who are paid to do that. Zero Punctuation by Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw is the only series of gaming reviews I follow. The usual style of Zero Punctuation is to mix the truth with humour, making it notorius for saying what other critics are afraid to say about games. While browsing the Miro application, I found the well-known GameTrailers as a feed. At GameTrailers, all new releases in the games industry are given two different videos fo a preview and a review. Focusing on this feed, I decided to see how much I could trust the reviews.

Far Cry 2

To decide how good the critics are at GameTrailers, I was careful to pick the right video. In the end, I found a review for a game that I had played and Zero Punctuaion has also reviewed. The name of the game is Far Cry 2, a first-person shooter based in a massive African landscape. Based on personal experience, I found the game enjoying on occasions. The amount of travelling quickly became annoying and it did not help when you were forced to pass through enemy bases. The missions did not vary much and your character would be taken down more often than you would prefer. However, there were plenty of explosions and fires to make Far Cry 2 exciting. The story and surrounding environments of African landscape were also interesting enough to get to the ending, even though I was glad that it was all over.

The Review

Ben Croshaw of Zero Punctuation brings up the points of how boring Far Cry 2 can be, pointing out that he felt no sense of accomplishment unless he was running over zebras in his jeep. I did not hesitate to agree with this point, as I have explained that travelling from point to point consumes a huge amount of time. Croshaw also had a problem with amount of times that you would constantly be attacked, another problem I share with him. However, he enjoyed the realism of the experience, so both of our opinions are not too different. In the end, Zero Punctuation was not afraid to explain actual downsides to Far Cry 2, as he always does with every game he reviews. It is for these reasons that I continue to follow his videos.

Meanwhile, GameTrailers is noticeably more passive on the subject. The critic manages to bring up the topics that Croshaw and I have mentioned, but was being too polite on the situation. Apparently it is not a nuisance to be attacked every time you want to get somewhere in the game. He also explains that the tedious missions are not a problem if you can tolerate it (if there is such a person in existence). Clearly, GameTrailers spends most of their time trying to make sure that they have not offended any big companies in gaming. Although I trust Zero Punctuation as a better place to see games reviews, I might continue to follow GameTrailers to at least watch some previews.

Social and Ethical Issues

Thinking critically about my message, the main point of my explainations revolve around reliability. The problem with the GameTrailers review is the hesitation towards making a negative comment about Far Cry 2. The critic never makes a proper mention on breaks in gameplay and other issues. Although I can continue to complain about what he has done wrong, I can understand why the good parts are made to be great and the bad parts are made to be okay. GameTrailers reviews make a direct affect on the game, because their scores out of ten are officially counted. Far Cry 2 was developed by Ubisoft, a games company that has been around since the mid-eighties. To speak negatively about a successful company is to look bad in front of everybody else. GameTrailers has to praise high-budget games because they are afraid not to.

Croshaw dares to attack games at any available opportunity because he has no real affect on the bigger picture. This is not the case for bigger companies completely dedicated full-time to reviewing games. So what else does this mean? Control is the second issue that arises. The control lies between the interactions of the big games companies and the important critic, and also between other important critics. If other reviews recieve a game well, the review that speaks against the others would stick out. In the open, the games critic would look bad in front of everybody. It is this control from the hugely successful developers that keeps companies such as GameTrailers in an orderly fashion. From this point, only people like Ben Croshaw can speak freely about a game without risking their job.

Fats Million [citation needed]


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