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The next portfolio i want to write about is based off an article by Gigaom and is about getting Ivy League education through the same coursework on the internet via P2P Networking. The exact question posed in the article is “Why do students plunk down $150,000 for a 4-year education at MIT when virtually all of the courseware is available free of charge online?” The article states that this is a good step in making available the content offline to the online community.

But herein lies the conflict, can a student studying online get the same experience as being in a college classroom. How important are great teachers, is there even such a thing as great teachers. The article took a mini-survey and discovered that between grade school to college, or the 80 teachers that teach through those years, only 3 teachers were considered to be “great” teachers.

But on the other side of the argument, some teaching methods can be beneficial to students at a college level. The article for instance talks about the Socratic method or to put it simply debating as a learning tool. Students learn different point of views and different  reasons for these views as there are a wide variety of students from different backgrounds which can influence their decisions. The question is can you really get that experience from an electronic textbook.


I was planning to do my extension portfolio on this issue. As a student i have access to a variety of teachers and their opinions could greatly differ on the subject. Real teachers in classrooms, or pdfs and monitors. The debate could go into a greater detail with real people on each side of the topic


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