One major social ethical issue that has appeared in the last 9 years is “How far will we go to protect our society?”

Socially, the country I am in seems to have some issues (in the sense that there are marauding teenagers or drunks who decide to tear up a street whether they seems to be aware of their actions or not). Yes, I have seen these type of situations in first person, but I digress, but it seems like the government’s answer to it is CCTV.

Now, CCTV is probably the biggest double-edged sword in England more then the rest of the world? Why? Because we seem to have the most in the world. It has become so recognizable that it can be suggested to be an icon of some sort; and despite the billions of pounds used to develop it, it seems to not have completely payed off. But the idea of it still remains, and though that article indicates that CCTV hasn’t , it still remains, CCTV can reduce crime and add to our security. However, it goes one step further.

Modern CCTV now has the ability to communicate with people on the street. The fact that they are able to see people dropping litter on the street is insane; it seems out of a movie no? The government is watching your every move in their city and how far they’ll go to make sure you don’t do something (V For Vendetta? Anyone?); The fact that the police does this to ‘keep the city secure and safe in a healthy environment to make sure citizens stay okay’ but they seem to be bordering on privacy. Its almost a marytr, where people see these things and feel terror in their eyes. Might seem like a slight exaggeration, but consider for one moment, with the direction they’ve headed in with CCTV and being on the borderline of privacy and security, one must consider, once they eliminate crime, are they going to extend that on to more minor incidents?

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