The following is an article I found in The Guardian newspaper.

Is Garageband top of the Pops?

The basic idea in it is that due to the technology that has been developed by Mac , Garageband, any up and coming band can create a CD and publish their music.

Social and Ethical Issues: Equality of Access

-With this idea presented in the article, it only applies to people that can afford a Mac computer of the software. However, this social and ethical issue goes both ways because it is very accessible to a certain extent because Garageband is pre-installed on all new Mac computers.

Area of Impact: Arts, Entertainment + Leisure and Business + Employment


-Apple customers


-Apple (the company)

IT Systems:

-MIDI: Musical Instrument Digital Interface (used to control synthesisers)

– Open source software


Cut down previous versions of software

Can you think of any other solutions to this problem? Feel free to comment…

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