The writer of a worm that can enter jailbroken iPhones has accepted a job to be a hacker full time. Although he will be doing his work for good, are iPhone owners so happy about the situation? For more information, visit this link. I believe that this article will be a good choice for my portfolio, so let the wonderful ITGS triangle explain!

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Well, I already explained this part. No need to repeat myself. Next!

Social and Ethical Aspects

Control: If the hacker and his company are allowed to control worms, will they still use them for good?

Intellectual property: Should somebody’s iPhone be hacked by somebody, even if they know the risks of jailbreaking?

Privacy: How much information can the hacker collect from targeted iPhones?

Reliability: Will the hacker remain a reliable employee?

Security: Is it ethical to breach past the security of an iPhone, no matter how weak it is?

Business and Employment: Of course, somebody is getting employed here.

Information Technology Systems

Jailbroken iPhones and the worms that can hack into them.

Specific Areas of Impact

The privacy of many iPhone users, along with the consequences of jailbreaking an iPhone in the first place.


The hacker, his new employers and iPhone users. Apple might also be involved.

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