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Okay ITGS you now have your AI definitions, have watched a variety of videos, understand the singularity concept and are very sure whether you believe in the giant cheesecake fallacy? So time to see if you can create artificial intelligence…

– Mini Assignment 1 – Design and create your own virtual chatbot

  • Goto the Pandora’s Chatbots website and join their website – and create your own chatbot. While doing this think of how you are training your robot to become ‘artificially’ intelligent?
  • You will need to be able to present your chatbot to the group and explain the process you went through.
  • Compare your chatbot to others that you have found (note a great deal are blocked by the school filter) and say why they might be better, and why they might be more likely to win the Turing Prize.
  • You must then show be able to show and discuss the limitations of the IT System that you used through a demonstration of your chatbot, and how far away you think artificial intelligence is from the chat world.
  • The best chatbot created will win a Perky Prize :)~

Mini Assignment 2 – Once you have finished your chatbot you may realise that most so-called Artificial Intelligence relates to their simply being large databases of information as such Expert Systems. Do you believe this is really going to lead to artificial intelligence or is there another way?

  • Get started by going to watch this video at one of the TED conferences by Jeff Hawkins
  • Try to make sense of his ideas and how this might effect the world of artificial intelligence -be able to present his ideas and say how this might differ from Expert Systems that exist now…
  • Research into one expert system in detail (this might be in an area of impact such as health), say how it has changed how people work and whether it has improved what they do? Are there any issues with the system, any limitations?
  • You must be able to explain and discuss one expert system in detail and so whether you believe that expert systems will and can be developed further using Hawkins ideas and AI?

Both informal presentations will take place together and as much as possible you will need to demonstrate the chatbot and expert system you create/find and then simply be able to discuss the ideas within a group setting mentioned above.

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