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This is a much longer term assignment than the other one you are undertaking at the moment – and involves reading a book. Yes you did not here me incorrectly yes you will need to read a book – Yikes. During the coming lesson I will present you with a choice of books that all have ITGS related content and discussion but are in much more depth than anything you have read before. You will need to choose one (will tell you how that will work) and then over a period of weeks read it regularly. You will then need to publish a blog post every two weeks summarising the content and what the author is discussing and your points of view of the issues and IT systems described. The post should be specific especially in terms of describing IT systems involved.

The end game of the assignment– will involve a final presentation.

Here is the basics of what you will need to do for the final presentation What do you need to show? Well read on below for full information:-

  1. The final presentation will give everyone an overview in detail of the book you have read – with main chapter summaries, a review of the IT systems involved and the social and ethical issues.
  2. The presentation should stand alone to review the book – giving both the authors points of view and specific examples of their discussions.
  3. The presentation should conclude from a variety of stakeholders points of view the issues, and link this with your own thoughts.
  4. If your ideas and thoughts have changed during reading the book then please explain this transition.
  5. The presentations will be due on the TO BE DETERMINED – e.g. first Thursday after Easter.
  6. The presentations must be able to be viewed upon the web (note it is not a video presentation but a slide based presentation) – example tools you might use are:- Slideshare (good for adding vocal overtop?), Empressr, Prezi (this one is supercool), authorstream, Zoho, Google Docs, Voicethread and many more. It is your choice to choose the best Web 2.0 tool to present your work. The work should be embedded on a weblog post, with a short explanation.
  7. You will also present this in front of the class – a rubric of assessment will be available from the preceeding week but will look at many areas including: quality of presentation, quality of arguments, quality of reviews, use of tool, understanding of issues, understanding and explanation of IT systems involved, simplicity of explanation, use of specific relevant examples…

BOOK Decisions – after much deliberation and cogitation here are the decisions based or maybe not based on your choices for book to read. Note Dr Tech’s decision is final and is based on a rigorous and thoughtful process of skills based analysis linked with your choice/interest: –

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