The first chapter is called punk capitalism, it explores one of the main ideas of this book. Punk capitalists are people (punks) who are introducing us to how the new world works with a D.I.Y. approach. This D.I.Y. approach promotes such values as image is nothing, resist authority ect.  This type of thinking does not relate to ITGS and I didnt see the relation before I read ”Punk was an anger outburst, a reaction to mass culture, but it offered new about how mass culture could be replaced with a more personalized, less centralized worldview”, this quote opened my eyes to what the internet is. A way of anyone, anywhere having the freedom of self expression which directly ties into what ‘punk’ is to punk enthusiast.  Punk capitalists get their points of view across, through advertisments. Matt Mason introduces a band called VICE which freatured in mainstream advertisments such as Nike, Levi’s, and Absolut vodka.

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