Theories are going around saying we are in a computer simulation like Sims or World of Warcraft. they are many theories and suggestions going around however there are three possibilities of computer simulation, and I’m going to analyze them. 

One of the possibilities is that “The chances that a species at our current level of development can avoid going extinct before becoming technologically mature is negligibly small” this is saying that will go extinct before we can do anything like this. this is something, we’ll go extinct before we get the technology to do this. I somewhat disagree, with the computer simulations we have today, is close enough to the technology to produce a simulation. however the technology is used for probability and playing games, since the character has no conscious and you control them isn’t really close to having a simulation that makes the people think on there own. 

The second possibility is “Almost no technologically mature civilisations are interested in running computer simulations of minds like ours” meaning that if we get to the stage where we can make simulations, why would we make simulations in the first place. most of time we would simulations but only around a certain time or speeding effect, an example would be “how Rome was built” we would speed the effect and add in probabilities and the computer will show us how Rome was built. But no one wants to sit forever watching Rome being built there would have to be there for 10-100 years, boring. so why there be interested in making a simulation of our own race in real time?   

The last possibility is “You are almost certainly in a simulation” this possibility means what it says. the air you breath, the skin you touch and yes your very existence are simulated, down to the small atom to the farest star, is a simulation. like the matrix nothing is real, but don’t take that too far, everything around you might be a simulation, but it is real to you and that’s what counts.

Take my word for it, if you are a simulation then think, if you were unless, then you won’t be around right. live this life to the fullness and enjoy it, maybe when you die you get to go the Real World and live there. think of the positives of this and not the negatives or else your role in life was to commit suicide. remember if it’s real to you it’s real, even if it is a simulation. 

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