Hi all,

I will not be able to attend your lesson on Friday so here is what you need to do – I discussed with both Youngtroopz and Fats about the depth and structure of your research on the different IT Systems on the wiki.

So it is important you check each of the following is placed on each wiki page:-

1) Description of IT System – using the Input – Process – Output – Storage Model.

2) Simple defiition – something that is perfect for you to remember for the define questions that will come up.

3) Videos embedded  -thats specifically describe the IT system well and also how it is used in real contexts and within Online Businesses

4) Real articles / links to examples of how the technology is linked to the Case Study

5) Problems/Challenges/ and Solutions to how IT system is used.

6) Must have a minimum of 5 sources – please quote if you have used text from another source

7) Use quotes – line numbers from the Case Study so you can refer back

8) Make sure that you structure the wiki page in small sections that are under headings, easy to read and understand

9) Make sure your descriptions are in your own words so that you can fully describe systems within the actual examination

I will be looking at the beginning of next week at each of your pages so please make sure they are up to standard and will be useful. First lesson next week we will have a definitions test related to each of the IT Systems.

Please use your time wisely in this lesson as there is a lot to do.

P.S. Zowt please send me electronic versions of your Portfolios.

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