Welcome back, from your mock exam week. So what next? Well you have a good idea of what Paper 1 and Paper 2 entails and we will be practicing and bringingWikiandEghsLogo together more notes related to these papers.

So now the unspoken Paper 3 is about to be thought about. Paper 3 involves a case study, in which all questions will be based around. So the better you understand the themes and systems within the Case Study the better your chances. To enhance our learning we will work together to bring an repository of knowledge that you can use for your revision.

How, well I’m sure you can guess by now it won;t be on paper but electronic. Another one of Dr Tech’s online tools in the form of a Wiki. We will look at wikis in more detail as well soon (and also the merits of this form of wiki compared to Mediawiki the application that Wikipedia uses and will use), but for now its time to get started:-

  • Goto Wiki and Eghs, using your email invitation.
  • Familiarise yourself with the site navigation as it is so far, obviously it will change as the wiki grows.
  • Goto the Sandbox and create your own aliases page and create a simple page with information about your ITGS studies and plans for the final term and how you will need to revise, shall we say a revision timetable.
  • Check the rules and copyright page – discuss and decide if you should take away or add any extra rules or ideals? Maybe Wikipedia does it a different way? Should you be allowed to delete? What is necessary for the wiki to work as a collaborative too, what would make it difficult and upset contributors.
  • Make sure you bookmark the wiki in your browser.
  • Goto the Supermarket Case Study and then brainstorm together all areas and ICT systems that would need to be studied related to the ITGS criteria. Produce this as a visual brainstorm, in MindMeister or similar and then embed this on the brainstorm page. This will be the starting point for your research work into different areas, so it should be in depth and focus on all sections that you think might be included in your examination that involve ICT use within Supermarkets.
  • Once you have completed the mindmap to begin with choose at least two ICT system areas to research and produce initial wiki pages of research – be careful and mindful of the rules and copyright issues. Remember this is all live and online, so anyone can read this and so see if it is plagiarised. Also remember that every edit you make is stored in the history section – check the site reports and feeds section. This is why you should try to always leave a note with each edit. Also when you have taken initial responsibility for a section or wiki-page then you should maybe follow the idea of no deleting just adding comments on the page to the main author who will be able to change alter what is said. Comments should be made in the thread section at the bottom of each page.
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