Unborn baby with a mobile phoneI will be giving a review on Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants by Mark Prensky. The article starts off by talking about the change in students and their way of learning. Digital Natives, being the younger generation students, means students today are all ‘native speakers of the digital language’ of technology. The article goes on to talk about the difference in learning of students nowadays to older students and it talks about how teachers are not able to get their students to focus in their lesson for a long time or not able to teach the students using a textbook as students get bored very easily. College grads have spent ‘less than 5,000 hours of their lives reading, but over 10,000 hours playing video games.’ Teachers assume that learners are still the same as they have always been, and same teaching methods that worked for their teachers, will also work on their students. However, this is not a problem for the teachers, as they are still teaching the things they are meant to, but for the students as they have to learn things for themselves and if they do not learn they cannot blame the teachers because they have done their job of teaching. Then the article goes on to talk about how new methods are being applied to help teachers keep their students attention. Games are being developed for teachers to help teachers teach their students a particular topic. The games will keep the students interested and will also teach them the topic or subject.

My personal opinion on this article is that it is very well written as it talks not only by the problems, but it also states the solutions to these problems. Some parts of the article that I do agree with are that some students nowadays are becoming video game addicts but that does not mean that all of the students are becoming addicting to some sort of technology. There are still some students in the world, who prefer (or do not have access to) not to be ‘Digital Natives’ and are not addicted to technology. Another part I agree with is that games actually do help learning as I remember when I was in junior school and our french teacher used to bring in some games and they were very useful. It was a balanced article because Mark talks about the problems and the solutions.

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