Facebook is a social networking site for those who have not yet discovered its many advantages such as offering an easy way to find old friends and connecting with current friends online. Sure it serves an entrtainment purpose; there are many fun applications one can put on their profile to show their personality in one way or another. People can chat to others and share pictures. However its popularity increases, and with this the danger of its widespread use. One can see Facebook as a vacuum that sucks people’s interests, effort and most importantly time which leads to loss of attention in other and perhaps more important aspects of life. This is the main focus of the news article “Schoolchildren log onto Facebook during lessons” as David Hobson managing director of Global Secure Systems surveys 13 year olds about the time they spend on the site a day. The result shows that 52% of the students have actually logged in onto the site during lesson which shows that sites such as Facebook does have threatening factors, mainly education as the majority of its users is teenagers.

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