The article on “Hacking worm holes in iTunes

The article is about how recently, customers of iTunes, are experiencing problems with their account. Customers reports say that their accounts have been hacked, or their gift cards being spent, their PayPal accounts being used or their store credit exhausted. The iTunes store is a massive network, with more than 200 million active accounts. More than 25 billion apps have been installed in about in the last 5 years. Many of the iTunes users, who have been hacked, say that the company has not taken the problem seriously causing these customers to suffer. From the article that was written in 1967, the problems that were mentioned still stand today and solutions are trying to be found. However, as technology advances the problems also arise with it.

The social/ethical issue that is being affected is privacy. People’s accounts are being hacked every single day and are being abused and is affecting them as they are losing money. For example, someone’s account got hacked and they reported this problem to the company who designed the app, and the company said to talk to Apple about it asking for a refund. Apple replied by saying that they are not responsible for In App Purchases. Everyday, people’s private information are being given out that are recorded on a database. If that database was to be hacked, then all 200 million active accounts private information will be given out.

One solution to the database is to encrypt the information. The advantages is that it separates the security of the data from the security of the device where it resides. When data itself is encrypted then it allows administrators to use unsecured means to store and transport data. The disadvantage, however, is that if you forget the pass key or key phrase then there is no chance if recovering the data. Another disadvantage is that that some form of encryption only offer nominal protection and can be broken into easily with the right program. However the advantages over-weigh the disadvantages.

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