The article that I accidentally posted earlier is about a group called the NSA. Which stands for national security agencies. This group has been around durning the pearl harbor accident and obviously hasn’t ever done anything ever. And if they have done it they haven’t done their job successfully. The have stop maybe one or 2 things. You may say but one or 2 things is good they stopped a bombing in NYC. But they let a bunch of other stuff happen like 9/11. So to make up for all of this they are building a huge site that houses tons of servers that can spy on us.
This deals with privacy. It also seems very similar to a book we read called little brother. The NSA is doing the same thing that home land security did in the book. Because they are not good at their job, and can’t stop people from harming us as a country, they feel the need to spy on us because apparently the terrorist threat is someone in the country not our somewhere in another country. I think instead of spying on everyone we develop something like CTU like in the show 24. They seemed very productive maybe cause jack Bauer was one bad dude. But still there must be a way to find if anyone is sending emails to other countries that have information about a terrorist attack. And they should be able to do this without seeing all of our personal emails.

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