Summer was going very well until I remembered that I had to read this novel. After reading my first post about this novel, Mr. Perkins was not pleased. He wants positive feedbacks and wants to know what the novel is actually about. However, some of the things I wrote in that post are relevant when the novel is read further on.

The novel goes in-depth about how our brain works when looking at how the Internet is affecting the way we “think, read and remember”. The novel starts off by explaining how the narrator is having problems focussing. Then the narrator goes on to describe how everyone cannot focus nowadays, with the help of scientific facts. The narrator blames the internet for the lack of focus and also states that new media is having an affect on how our brain works.

The technology mentioned, with a reference made to a philosopher, was a typewriter. The philosopher said that he could see that his style of writing was changing. Another technology mentioned was the watches and how it made people more efficient. The narrator also states that with the introduction of windows system, people get easily distracted because of the multitasking that it allows you to do.

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