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English: Bruce Schneier at CFP 2007: Open panel on Net Freedom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You by now have all started flicking through your book, and reading some of the first chapter. You may still be questioning why why why you have to read such a long detailed book related to an ITGS issue. This may be your first non-fiction read ever – especially in a specific subject area. BUT remember something very important for ITGS is to have a broad knowledge and be reading around many different areas – this book review assignment will enable you to now only read around but go into depth on a specific area – and then share that with the rest of the group. So let’s get down to some details regarding the assignment…

The Structure of the Assignment

  • The assignment will last for about 6 weeks – finishing with a final deadline on Thursday / Friday 19th / 20th October – on these dates you will be producing a presentation that highlights the book, with a full review and examination of the book from an ITGS standpoint…
  • There will be three milestones – 6th September, 20th September and 8th October where you will need to produce a small blog post highlighting what you have learnt so far from the book making sure to focus on the three strands of the ITGS triangle. In particular explaining specific IT terminology that you have learnt – and the authors main arguments.
  • Remember the blog posts should be written for an audience – they do not know anything about the book or your assignment – so explain.

Books and Reviewers

KIKI – Information Diet – Johnson

BAMBOOZLE – Secrets and Lies – Schneier

JJKAY – I am not a Gadget – Lanier

KING MAVERICK – The Shallows – Carr

FINAL PRISON FISH – Cypherpunks – Assange

SPAZ – Revolution will be Digitised – Brooker

RABBIT_EATER – Create a Mind – Kurzweil

Looking forward to your first posts – remember if you are having trouble understanding your book or summarising into the blogpost please ask and I can help 🙂

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