“The Secret of human thought Revealed”

Dear fellow bloggers, I am pleased to announce that I have progressed in “How to Create a Mind” by Ray Kurzweil. Unlike the first chapter and partly the second chapter, where he just mentioned past great minds and their impact on society, Kurweil has started to explain how exactly our personal mind works, starting with pattern recognising in the neocortex and so on. He decided to take a very biological approach to this, revealing mysteriously deep information on how our mind actually functions. He goes into surprisingly much detail teaching the reader how a simple word is recognised/memorized such as “Apple.” Analysing the different pathways that link to this word and how this word links to a seemingly never ending web of data.

Until now the book has really been a pleasure to read as it puts so many things in discussion and explains with the right amount of detail how the mind works. However, hopefully he will start to link this to a more IT environment as I am struggling to find many ITGS terms, stakeholders or much related to the ITGS triangle.

Some terms that I came across:

data, memory, sequences, patters, AI system, computing probability.

Unfortunately no real ethical issues have emerged when explaining the mind in great biological detail, leading to the end of this blogpost, I hope to see you guys back soon!




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