Well it is going to be a busy week this week and leading up to Christmas – so please keep checking your ManageBAC regularly re deadlines and upcoming events. So as a heads up –

  • Software Mini Quiz is on Thursday – same format as normal – some of you still have not shared your software notes as of yet – which I do check and grade on ManageBAC
  • Video Assignment is due the following Tuesday 10th December – remember to organised your teams for shooting the video and editing outside of the class. Please check on ManageBAC or download the following rubric that your team will be graded against- Peerassesscheme–Video HW Project 2013
  • Please all share your program you have created in Python as a .py file, noting that you should have now all finished the interactive python programming tasks
  • Raspberry Pi Worksheets – I will be grading these this week are they complete as it seems some groups are not?
  • Secret Paper 2 – on the 17th December. Have you been reading the Daily Blog Posts with interesting RSS article feed to read? Maybe you need to find out what a bitcoin is, what is affecting health care at the moment, are wearable devices the next bit thing etc etc etc

One final reminder that the Semester exams are the second week into January and may seem a long time away. We will chat briefly before the holidays regarding these – but the general format will be a Paper 2 practice paper and then some Paper 1 style questions which will include a great deal fo content and knowledge we have covered in Semester 1 – in the areas of Multimedia, Software and Hardware!

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